CES 2007 Keynote – part 2

Key Note – Home Server

It wasn’t that long ago when only us geeks had home LANs and servers in the garage, nowadays most (well if not most at least many) households seem to have (and need) multiple machines. Microsoft has taken note and more machines means more money you need a central repository to store those shared files and resources. Spotting the fact that most households don’t want (or need) an over priced business server solution MS is adding a new varient to the family, the MS Home Server.

The MS Home Server is Vista without the flashy GUI (though I’m sure it will require hardware that could run DirectX 10 just to keep the likes of Intel and AMD happy). The Home Server box will simply sit away out of view and perform the unglamorous task of backing up all the machines in the home network (though Bill never explained what media would hold terrabytes of music, movies and downloads), providing “secure” remote access (imagine boring the friends you make on your next vacation with pictures you took on last years holiday) and other good server stuff usually seen in the office enviroment.

I think I’ve spent too much time with Marc as this post sounds more cynical than I really intended, there is definitely a need for a Home Server type product. Details of the Home Server were a bit sparse (it was keynote speech after all) so we’ll look forward to more information presently.