iSticky, keep your iPod in place when driving

by Mike

Keeping your iPod in the car in one place isn’t easy. Anyone who has tried doing said task will agree with me, anyone who hasn’t will probably laugh, but I’m telling you, it’s hard. For one thing, every time you stop then start right up again, your iPod wants to slide along with you. Trying to find your iPod after it’s fallen down to the floor and is somewhere beneath your feet is pretty dangerous while driving, so why don’t you do the rest of the drivers on the road a favor and pick up an iSticky for your car, they’re cheap too.

iSticky is a pretty simple gadget. Put it on the dash in your car, then place your iPod on the iSticky. Now, even when starting and stopping the car, your iPod will stay put. Perfect for using some FM transmitters for the iPod, namely Apple’s own iPod Radio Remote. You may have seen products like this advertised for cell phones or garage door openers, well, the iSticky works the exact same way. Putting either of those two, or even any old MP3 player will work just as well (in most situations at least). A real geek, with all the gadgets s/he probably takes in the car, will need two, maybe three.

With a price of only $9, the iSticky is a nice little gift to pickup whenever. Just buy a case or a dozen and give them away periodically as small gifts after you’ve stocked your own cars with a few.

Product Page [via Red Ferret Journal]

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