Match the software, to the guy, to the spacecraft… you know you can.

millionaire rocketsAs all good millionaires do after creating great technology, Jeff Bezos has finally joined the space race.

Ahh, that’s got to be the best result from the dotcom era. Rockets!!!

Bezos’ (how do I properly make that possessive) finally let people see his big blob of a VSTOL spaceship. It’s actually rather interesting, (though I do say that Mr. Allen down there seems to be winning the race so far.)

Check out the Blue Origin public website. Blue Origin is what Bezos’ rocket company is named. They’ve got some great videos of the craft’s first flight there, it’s really something.
They’ve been working for quite a while now but they’ve been on stealth mode, so no one knew what they were doing (aside from making some sort of spacecraft).  It looks like it’s peroxide powered, (at least that’s what the motor sounded like, but I’m not really a flight guy so I’m just guessing there).
The performance looks interesting for his craft, (though I’m not sure what to term it aside from the frightening egg). Also there is a site for their recruiting (if you’ve got the skills, they’ll pay your bills.

Images from their site, seem to indicate that they’re going to build a much larger craft,, much larger (check the huge assembly area in the facility. Probably booster rocketed up and then a vertical landing back here on earth,, unless of course, they’re leapfrogging everybody and going to go straight to the moon. Ummm, maybe I’ve gotten ahead of myself there.It seems like they’re much farther ahead than anyone knew, which is interesting, as only Northern Washington residents and a few techheads like myself were even aware of their existence. Now, an apparently functioning thrust vectoring craft is operational for low level unethered flight.


Thanks Engadget

Below and to the right there is their sweet little logo. Bonus points to whoever knows that the slogan is in latin there.