red dot design award – part 5

by Dan

bathroom.jpgThis is the fifth part of the series about the “red dot design award” (click here to read part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4). In this post we will cover 3 product designs that won the award under the Productivity category:

Bathroom: this set of bathroom fixtures is really elegant, I was just puzzled about the reason to place a bathroom design under the productivity category… not that I am not productive when I take a nice book to the bathroom but anyway! The bathroom set was created by the Italian Vincenzo Catoio and apparently it was inspired by a lily flower: “The calla lily was the inspiration for the design of these bathroom fixtures, which are intended to create an environment of relaxation. The emphasis is upon the idea of the bathroom as a magical place for the care of the body – a space of soft, enveloping shapes.”

tpad1.jpgT-pad: very innovative keyboard that uses an LCD touch screen instead of the traditional buttons. Designed by Chua Wunfong this keyboard should be able to offer as many different interfaces as the user requires. Imagine being able to switch from a QWERTY setup to a drawing table and then to a turn-table!

valo11.jpgValo: if you are a business man on the run this product is perfect for you. Forget about showing presentations on your laptop screen, with this pocket-size portable projector you will be able to show presentations straight from a smartphone or a PDA. Developed by Upstream Engineering Valo uses a new optical technology called Photon Vacuum which should reduce the battery consumption while securing a good image quality. The projected image size is 15” to 30” diagonally.

Reference: red dot design award official site

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