Lipo! Without all that annoying cutting through your skin.

by Fred

Yes, Yes, I know, Liposuction,, it might not be the most fun way to spend a winter vacation.Some people do need, (lifesaving weight loss) to have Liposuction. However, it is a painful, and excruciating process that requires actual surgery to get to that “fat sucking” part of the show where the weight is removed.

After the delightful little process whereby they are cut open and fat is sucked out, there is a definite recovery time while the poor patients must heal from the pain, and likely bruising from the procedure.

Now there is a new process called Liposonix that will remove all that needless fat, and won’t leave you all scarred, bruised, and all recuperatey.

The process works by focusing on a spot well below the skin layer and in the fat layer.

Using an Ultrasonic transducer (neato little speaker) they focus the energy through the skin and it comes to a point in the fat and breaks it down

Fun fact: fat is called adipose tissue.

Then your body’s hunter killers called Macrophage Cells swoop through and remove, engulf, and generally get rid of the fat.

The Liposonix array operates in a grid like patten, so your fatty area generally looks (from the inside of course) like a bee’s hive (ok, it won’t be hexagonal, but there will be voids).

Over time, that little stack of fat will be reduced in height and there will be far less stress on your body.

Here comes the fun part!

Why not just have it done to the left side of your body? You can be your own before and after picture!

Or you could get polka dots!

Or checkerboard!!!

Think of all the great arty possibilities!!!

Here’s the Liposonix Manufacturer’s site.
Thanks to the folks at Medgadget.

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