Here’s what I want you Fruit creators!!! (this means you Ive)

Yeah, so there are waaayy too many Apple Rumors coming around prior to Unky Steve’s upcoming announcements.

Sadly, I don’t want what’s likely to be offered, here’s what I want.

A Macbook Pro Tablet!!!

This is exactly what Apple has been missing (in my opinion), however, these are people that still sell mice with 1 button (umm what’s simpler than a stylus?)

As a designer, I have stayed away from the Apple platform due to it’s lack of interoperability with my beloved SolidWorks. It’s a solid 3d modeler that works great, and works with everything! (plus it’s compatible with the next engine, but this article isn’t about that).iphone with isight

Mac tablet

Here’s what we kinda know from Kevin Rose (

there’s a 4Gb and 8Gb iPhone, they work with all the cell providers, one’s got a slideout keyboard, and one is a virtual clickwheel model.

What we know for sure is NOTHING!!! (I love that Apple can really keep a secret, it makes people drool needlessly! Hysterical!

So here’s what I want. (keep clicking kids!)

Again, I must reiterate, I demand a Tablet Macbook Pro!!!! That’s what I want!!!! (or I won’t switch)
Also here are my “specs” for the iPhone.

  1. It has to be a good phone (don’t overlook this people, you need a good phone!)
  2. Bluetooth, (the only way to drive and talk safely, plus great to get info in and out in a neat way
  3. 4 Gb storage at least (thank you!)
  4. Neato OS (looks like it might happen)
  5. 5 MegaPixel camera (now it’s a REAL camera and a phone!) (likely additional video capabilities without any additional hardware).
  6. Maybe removable SD card, but I don’t think it’s necessary.
  7. Oooh while we’re at it, just toss in inductive coupling charging and make it totally wireless and waterproof! (I’m kinda nuts)
  8. Saucy Ive I.D.
  9. 3G would be nice (see #1 but not mandatory on Rev 1)

iTV, looks fun, can’t wait to see it!

Maybe a really surprising announcement like iHouse where they make a nice little home integration/router/wireless/HVAC and iTV unit all in one! (nahh too obvious).

See you virtually on January 9th, 2007 at 9:00am Pacific time! (Hah!! Welcome to my time zone people!)

I’ll just be here hoping (and probably not receiving).

2 thoughts on “Here’s what I want you Fruit creators!!! (this means you Ive)”

  1. Yeah, I checked out the modbook, it’s simply a tablet. I want a real keyboard (I have to type things, like blogs and such, and need it to function as a laptop too. I know that sounds like whining, but it’s true. Why not a real laptop with a tablet screen. yes, it’s derivative, but you have to remember, Apple sells to a very high percentage of the graphic designers and artists of this planet, (I can’t speak for anyone on Mars or elsewhere). It’s silly for them not to give us a screen to draw on. The modbook, is a lame concession in my desire to draw on a screen, at this point vista and a new tablet are more enticing. (plus they’ll run SolidWorks).

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