Geekiest. Doorbell. Ever.

Geekiest Doorbell Ever
Your neighbors/family members probably have a good idea that you’re a geek. If they don’t, getting yourself this next gadget will finally let them know. Anyone, and I mean anyone, who owns this definitely has an air of geekiness about them. What is it, you ask? Well, it’s a biometric control center with a built-in doorbell. Even though that’s one of the ugliest things I’ve seen (just look at the picture!), and I’d be embarrassed to put it outside my house, but I still think it’s pretty cool.

Once you hang this behemoth of a doorbell installed, the rest is a sinch. After scanning your finger on the 360 degree scanner, it takes about 2 seconds (on average) for it to authenticate. For enhanced accuracy, there’s a name and voice display built in along with a keypad. If the built-in number of supported users isn’t enough, it’s possible to upgrade the device to your specifications. But, out of the box, it does support 50,000 different fingerprints, so you probably won’t need that upgrade. My favorite part of all of this, you can control the entire device via the internet. Although it’s not listed on the site, I’m sure you can upload your own doorbell tones, or have songs play, or make lights turn on/off whenever the doorbell is pressed. That’s wonderfully geeky.

BioLife, the company that makes the TAP-01 Fingerprint Reader & Doorbell thing, doesn’t provide any pricing information on their site. That probably means it’s out of your (and my) price range.

Product Page – [via Red Ferret Journal]