Laptop Bags for the Ladies

ladies_laptop_bags.jpgNow I’m a lady who has a laptop. I know lots of other ladies who have laptops. I’m sure all of you out there in the internets has a lady (or more) in their life who has a laptop. What do we all carry our laptops around with? Usually some boring, ho-hum bag – most likely the bag that came with the laptop in the first place (if it came with one at all).

Say good bye, ladies, to the boring laptop bags. ThinkGeek is selling what they call “Ladies Laptop Bags” and features three different styles which should cover most ladies taste and preferences: a black faux crocodile, a pink quilted faux suede, and a modern canvas stripe.

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Stirling Engine Kit – Can It Save The World Too?

stirling_engine_kit.jpgIn the family of heat engines, “Stirling engine” is defined as a “closed-cycle regenerative hot air engine”. In this context, according to Wikipedia, “closed-cycle” means that the working fluid is permanently contained within the system, whereas “open-cycle” engines such as internal combustion engine and some steam engines, exchange working fluid with their surroundings as part of the cycle. “Regenerative” refers to the use of an internal heat exchanger. In contrast to internal combustion engines, Stirling engines have the potential to be more energy efficient, quieter, and more reliable with lower maintenance requirements.

Was that enough engine nerdiness for you? No? Then do I have something for you.

The Stirling Engine Kit is a great little gadget that will run off the residual heat off your body or any other warm surface it comes into contact with.

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Air Purifier uses plants to clear the air


1971. Apollo 13 almost didn’t make it back home. We’ve all seen the movie. But it wasn’t the explosion that nearly killed the astronauts, it was rising levels of CO2 which would kill them within hours. They had plenty of oxygen, but the filters that scrubbed the atmosphere in the lunar model (now a lifeboat) were quickly becoming saturated and the filters in the dead command module wouldn’t fit. So, NASA Engineers had to quickly find a way to make a square peg literally fit into around hole. Now, why am I tell you all this? Glad you asked. NASA learned their lesson and based upon that exerperience came the Bel-Air Air Purification System which uses plants to clean the air. Here’s how it works.

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EarthDesk Live View DeskTop Wallpaper


Maybe you are one of those people who are addicted to Google Live Earth, who just love to look at Earth from afar. Be prepared to go to the next step with the Earthdesk.

The Earthdesk is a wallpaper that shows a view of the Earth that is in a state of constant change. It uses geographical and time zone statistics to create a very rich image.

For example, there is a clear shading to show night, twilight, and day. There is also cloud covers that display at three hour intervals, even light shown by cities and even moonlight. You can even lock the map to a city, or the sun and moon.

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Little black bag blocks phone transmissions

Black Hole Bag

Every now and then you run across something that is so bizarre that you can’t help but wonder what its creators were thinking when the designed it. My most recent discovery finally solves the issue of what to do with your cell phone when you’re in a movie theater, or anywhere else where you don’t want it to be heard. Obviously you’re going to need something special in order to achieve this.

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LG Chocolate now comes in Blue Ice color


I don’t know about you – but the LG Chocolate seems to have been around for like, forever by now. Strange to see that Verizon Wireless still thinks that the LG Chocolate has a few miles left in its legs where cellphone sales are concerned. The result of this undying belief is a brand new color for the LG Chocolate – and this time, consumers get to choose the Blue Ice color just in case they missed the Chocolate boat by more than a year. The Blue Ice edition boasts a “silky-smooth slim slider design that comes coated with a frosty blue finish and includes the must-have multimedia capabilities for the music and entertainment lover on your holiday list.”

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Super Boiler technology could save billions

superboiler.jpgThere is a new kind of technology that could save companies and conglomerates throughout the world billions of dollars when it comes to energy savings – and this new technology is known as Super Boiler. It features a technique that has the potential of revolutionizing energy efficiency of industrial steam generation, leading to billions upon billions of dollars in energy savings for US companies. The Super Boiler is the result of over seven years of research and development by the U.S. Department of Energy, the Gas Technology Institute and Cleaver-Brooks Inc.

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