Latest Tech News – 31 October


  • Facebook to go Chinese

Facebook – one of the most (current) popular social networks, that was recently valued at $15 billion and received a big chunk of money ($240 million) from Microsoft, has decided to go after the Chinese market and registered the domain name. At the moment, the domain is being redirected to the main Facebook (.com) website, but I bet that in the near future we will start seeing some strange characters that only Chinese people will understand.

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Ion makes it even easier to rip your tunes to your iPod


Ion Audio gets it. First they came up with a USB Turntable that allowed music lovers to rip and digitize albums to their PC. Then came the cassette player which let users do the same thing with their 80s era cassettes. But now, in an effort to make it easier for the iPod generation to enjoy the hisses and crackles of those wonderful old vinyl albums, Ion has gone a step further upgrading their USB Turntable to rip directly to an iPod.

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Heat Sensitive Cup is a great way to bring up global warming to coworkers

Heat Sensitive Cup

Is global warming real? You can bet your sweet buns that it possibly could be. I’m almost positive that there could be some evidence that makes it sound quite plausible. Ok, I really have no idea. I’ve heard compelling arguments from both sides, but I’m not ready to jump to any conclusions. Plus people on both sides of the fence just go crazy trying to push the topic. If you’re one that thinks it’s the real deal and would like an excuse to bring it up every day at the water cooler, then you might check out this cool mug.

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Dell aims for Energy Star 4.0 Consumer Desktop

dell-inspiron-531.jpgDell continues in its quest to become the “greenest” technology company on this blue planet we call Earth, and it has intensified its efforts by adding an Energy Star 4.0-compliant desktop that helps consumers reduce their carbon footprint. Sounds like a pretty good idea, since everyone upgrades their computers once every few years so minimizing the impact on the environment with each purchase will go a long way in handing over a greener earth to the next generation.

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Racing Grannies

Racing Grannies

When I was a kid, my favorite toys were Legos, my Mickey Mouse Club Weebles and the set of slot racing RC cars. We’d dig that box of cars out every Saturday and set up the track, fight over who got to go first and we would race and race around that little track for hours. There were times where we would go too fast into a corner and the car would go flying off the track, then we’d have to retrieve the wayward car from under the couch and go another round. Once we fought over who got to go next, that is.

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Remote controlled Roboscorpion will terrorize your living room


We all know that the holiday season is fast approaching, which is always a tough time of the year. Kids have it easy, all they have to do is open presents and remember to say thank you. However those of us that are all grown up have to purchase said gifts. Of course there’s always that one nephew that you have no idea what to get. He’s too old for toys, and you’re not close enough to him to spend any decent money on a cool gadget or video game. Your best bet is to get him something completely off-the-wall. Something like a robotic scorpion should do the trick.

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