Pi electric bike burns a hole

electrobikepi.jpgNot in the ozone layer, but in your pocket. It retails for a whopping $7,500, which could get you a decent second hand family sized sedan that is still running just fine. Well, if you feel that your pockets need a little lightening up while aiming to get some exercise in the process, the Pi electric bike sounds like a pretty good idea. The Pi comes with an aluminum monocoque frame that is constructed from a single piece of made-up metal that shares a similar thickness all over. In terms of electronics, the batteries are of the nickel metal hydride variety and not lithium ion which we have all come to know and love in our fair share of gadgets and gizmos these days. As for the motor, it is a 36-volt brushless DC model that cranks out around 1 horsepower, or 750 watts. Needless to say the final output depends on just how much human power you put in, but I seriously doubt you’ll reach double digits in terms of horses since you’re, well, only human.

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This fridge shares something with me: the love for beer!

HomePub fridge closeup
What you to see here is the Asko HomePub Fridge. The name itself says a lot about it – Home Pub. Easy and suggesting one sweet thing to someone thirsty like me: cold, frothy pints.

I like this fridge. I really like it. I’d go as far as to suggest it as a second fridge in the house, with a better location, i.e. the living room.

Why? Well, look to the left: beer! This is the beer lover’s appliance. Besides an oh-so-precious beer tap, it’s got some interesting drink-storage facilities. Still, there’s some space left for food. It’s just not that much, it’s just good enough for living room snacks.

Want to see it? Click on! You’ll also get the specifications as a bonus.

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