Openmoko phone is open source

oponmoko.jpgSure, plenty of folks have gone home extremely happy that they have an iPhone in their hands, but for the rest of us who didn’t snag one, the world goes on. Granted, there will always be a better phone just around the horizon but you can’t deny the fact that the iPhone has roused much more interested than expected – something unprecedented for a cellphone. Openmoko has word on their new “free” phone, the Neo 1973. What makes this phone free? For starters, it ain’t the price that stands at $0, but rather the ability to tweak around with its open source platform.

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iPhone: the Launch, the first impressions, the rumors

activated iPhoneThe iPhone is out! Already saturated with the reports and interviews and pictures, I really think I should share some of the hype and some of the rants with everyone.

I won’t flame, I won’t let my personal opinions shine too much trough the text, but I’ll try to be as explicit and as impartial as possible.

Apple’s remarkable marketing machine kept on ‘leaking’ hype, rumors and details until the very last seconds. The advertising part – as with all their products – worked like a dream. People have been queuing and debating and sweating for days, waiting for their ‘Jesusphone’.

The queues themselves have become real shows, with press and promotions and everything. Read on for a brief compilation of what happened and what has been unveiled.

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Give Us a Clue Gadget Style – Motormouth

Motormouth Game

Here’s a fun looking game for the holidays, Motormouth, an electronic kind of ‘Give Us a Clue’.

There are loads of describe – the-word-without- actually-saying- it-style games. But take it from us, Motormouth renders the whole lot obsolete. In fact this nifty little handheld gizmo is one of the hilariously edgier games we’ve ever played, and we’ve played plenty.

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Robot equipped with Tasers now

irobot-taser.jpgRemember the Taser XREP that we covered a couple of days ago? Well, apparently those guys at Tasers are pretty productive, as there is word of Taser working with iRobot Corporation to include tasers into the arsenal of robots. Yes sir – now law enforcers will be able to carry out its (sometimes destructive and inhumane) peacekeeping duties without risking life and limb from an exploding Molotov cocktail or otherwise. Neutral observers aren’t too thrilled with this idea though, as there is always the nagging fear that such developments could lead to robots who are self aware, deciding on their own whether to take a human life or not.

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