Incipio Cases Will Protect your iPhone, Even if it’s a Just a Paper Mock-up

Incipio Zipper Case

Incipio believes in the iPhone so much, they are releasing a line of iPhone cases two months before the actual launch date of Apple’s new toy. One of the products is the Zipper Case, which includes an “old school” notebook with pen that you can start using now while your iPhone is not yet in your hands, according to Incipio. Yeah, right. They don’t seem to think much about the screen’s resistance to scratches however, as they say in their website “Zipper closure protects your Fragile Phone while not in use”.

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Blu-ray recordable drive for Macs

fastmac-superdrive.jpgIf you’re a proud owner of Apple’s PowerBook, iBook, and MacBook Pro computers, what better way to give it a performance boost than upgrading it with a brand new slimline, slot loading Blu-ray drive? This upgrade solution is provided by Fastmac’s new Blu-ray optical drive upgrade, offering users with up to 50GB of storage space – more than enough for the average home user when it comes to making backup of important data. To put things into perspective, what can 50GB hold? That amount of space will be enough to store up to 60 days’ worth of music four hours of High Definition quality video, approximately 50,000 JPEG photos and tens of thousands of RAW images.

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The Retractable Wii Strap

Retractable Wii Strap
Being the owner of a plasma TV, I can’t deny that I’d be a little hesitant to start swinging around my Wiimote. Now, I don’t even own a Wii, but I have played with one and I can see how it could go flying. I mean, have you seen me serve in tennis? I’m amazing; there would definitely be some damage if my serve went a little overboard. If I ever got a Wii (har har), I’d have to check out the retractable Wii wristband. It just might save my TV.

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Another Cool Remote Control R2-D2 Unit

Remote Control R2 unit

We’ve certainly been spoilt rotten with Star Wars gadgets of late and this latest bit of Star Wars memorabilia brings back fond memories of my old figurine collection (which I sold to Paul Parnaby for £40 about 25 years or so ago).

We’ve seen remote control R2D2 units before but this one is extra cool as it’s the size of the original collectors figure (they are action figures not dolls).

The R2 unit is controlled via a light sabre styled remote and can move forwards, spin round and even has a rotating head complete with operational (it lites up) LED eye. Think Geek rightly describe this as every Star Wars fanboy’s wet dream come true (well after Leigh in that bikini).

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Watto’s brother must live in North Hollywood, Norton Sales

Sure, you remember Watto, he owned a little boy you’d later know as Darth. He sold a hyperdrive to some guynorton logo named Qui-Gon Jinn. He had hooves,, yet he could fly (umm,, no one ever mentions how oxymoronic this is,, it’s like a vegetarian with teeth like the baddies from Alien!)


Anyway, there’s a place called Norton Sales Inc. that makes Watto’s look like a rockets yeahnorton rockets


Wait,, I mean, that it’s a dump full of old space junk.


No wait,, by old, I mean fairly old. You know, if you need a replacement X-15 XLR99, because the one you were using is all ‘sploded. Well now you’ve got the right place to go!

I’m pretty sure that the next time I head down south (probably for a wedding) I’ll be swinging by. Gadget destinations are typically pretty hard to come by, but when you find them,, well, you’ve just got to make the trip.

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