Remote Control Light

Buddy Light
I saw this little gadget spammed posted about in our forums, the Buddy Lite, a lite for your remote control.

The concept is pretty simple, the base attaches to the bottom of your remote using Velcro and the light can then be positioned via a bendable spring like arm. So the next time you’re watching a slushy movie in the dark and need a beer top up (and you don’t own a beer launching fridge) you can pause the movie without having to blind your partner.

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When to call a mouse a mouse


The mouse is taken for granted a bit these days, with versions that can stretch the imagination back and from the twilight zone, however there is such a thing as taking something just that little bit beyond the boundaries of what we call normal, and this mouse found on instructables is to say the very least gone beyond and kept going. For those of a nervous disposition don’t look now!

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The Rain Safe umbrella wrapper

Those little sleeves you put on your umbrella are a great invention, but (here it comes!) they could use a little improvement. The main problem is that when you try to put these things on, you end up soaking yourself in the process. Clearly there’s a market for a good looking, basic device that lets you slip your umbrella easily into a sleeve and be done with it. I actually came across the gadget that does just that in a office building in the middle of Washington, DC. Oh, it’s called the Rain Safe.

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Cheating Differently – Schools start banning iPods on test day

You can kinda understand banning cellphones during tests because of the ability to pass notes via text message with answers. But iPods? With little statistics to go on, principals from all over the country are telling their students to leave their digital media players home on test day.

It seems that these latest high tech cheating devices for high schools students are capable of being hidden, and can contain gigabytes of test information that student can merely click, play, and write the answer to.

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USB Chess Set for budding Kasparovs


Ahh, chess. What a cerebral game. I never quite caught the chess bug though, being beaten quite soundly in most of the games as I never really mastered any of the moves other than the old standby, castling. Even opponents who are many years my junior managed to read my mind as if they were the children of Jean Grey themselves, causing my king to call it quits in under 5 minutes. Mind you, we weren’t even playing speed chess so you can imagine just how I sucked. Perhaps I could have played much better in my youth had I had the advantage of training with the USB Chess Set from Brando. This USB Chess Set throws in a modern tech slant to an ancient game, featuring a roll up mat that makes it extremely portable.

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Slouchpod brings connectivity to gaming chair

slouchpad.jpgHow many gamers do you know who actually have some pretty good posture? As an ex-gamer myself (I still game occasionally on my DS, but long gone are the days of pulling all nighters to complete Diablo II when it was first released or fragging into the wee hours of the morning in the Dark Zone), I’m still trying to fix my poor posture. Are games to blame for this? Not really, but most gamers don’t really care about how they sit when being immersed in a world of make believe. After all, nobody else is watching, so they could be playing with their mouths open for all they care. The Slouchpod doesn’t do anything for your posture, but instead bends itself to accommodate the highly evolved state of a gamer.

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Advertisement: Luxury Submarine For Sale


You already bought a sports franchise and a McLaren M6. Now you have $78 million of disposable income lying around and are looking for the ultimate luxury item – U.S. Submarines has a Phoenix 1000 65 meter, personal luxury submarine awaiting a buyer. Capable of 18 knots at the surface and 10 knots at its cruising depth of 305 meters, this 1500 ton monster might possibly be the coolest luxury good I have ever seen. Just imagine – you’ve been cruising the south pacific, doing some deep-sea exploration, then you pull into the yacht club for dinner. Pretty sweet.

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Photo Locations are a snap with PhotoTracker


World travellers will be thrilled with the PhotoTracker by GISTEQ. It’s a GPS tagger which synchs with just about any digital camera and then processes and records location data for any picture taken. Later, shutterbugs can use the included software to incorporate that information, along with handy geotags to the photos as they being copied from the memory card to the PC for editing and printing.

Now why is this such a big deal? I mean, GPS photo trackers have been around for a few years now, right? Well, the advantage of the PhotoTracker is it’s size. Others are the size of a small ipod and have to be affixed to the camera using it’s hotshoe. But the PhotoTracker is pocket size, which means that it can easily fit just about anywhere in proximity to the digital camera – your camera bag, your pocket or even your handbag.

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The Home Swimmer

Home swimmer

It’s no secret that swimming laps is one of the best low-impact exercise regimens one can dive into in the never ending quest to get in shape. However, not very many people have Olympic size swimming pools in their back yards to take advantage and achieve their goals.

Well, with the Home Swimmer, smaller pools and even a portable “dough boy” style pool can be used for lap swimming. It can even be brought on a trip or used by business travellers since it weighs less than 5 Lbs and comes with it’s own carrying tote bag. This makes it hotels, apartment buildings, even schools.

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