Finally, good cheap robot brains for sale QWERK

Sure, you want to make an affordable robotic/networked/embedded linux/mechatronix platform.

But, then you say to yourself,, “Self,, where would I find such a thing?”

qwerk cpu unit

Charmed Labs is where, and QWERK is what you’re looking for.

Their friends at the Carnegie-Mellon Robotics Institute have developed the TeRK Telepresence Robot Kit it uses theQwerk base units to operate.

They’ve got a great page that has robots you can make, tells you what tools and parts you need exactly, and even where to get them! It’s great!!

Finally people have a shot at making useful, powerful robotic applications at a small scale, and learning how to go about it for a “reasonable” price (let’s face it, sometimes 349.00$ is a tad harder to come by than we want to admit, especially for you brainiac younglings).

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SeaBob a unique recreational vehicle

seabob.jpgWatching dolphins in motion can be a very uplifting experience as they move ever so gracefully through the water. If you love diving and want to traverse the vast underwater world just like how dolphins do, perhaps the SeaBob device is your cup of tea. The spawn between a jet-ski and a bodyboard, the SeaBob enables you to leap through waves or turn downward and head for the ocean floor (or up till where your body can take it) with enough speed, grace, and agility to make you perform at Seaworld performances.

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The poor man’s version of Golden Tee

Golden Tee for your TV
You know those big Golden Tee machines they have in bars? They’re the ones that charge a few bucks for a quick 5 minutes of entertainment/gameplay. While most people get their kicks with a game or two, some really love it and don’t want to spend the money on a full blown machine but still want to play it at home. For those people, you can get the Golden Tee (trademarked, hoo hah!) television golf game. Think of it as the poor man’s version of Golden Tee.

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Lucifer lights up your matches


I seriously wonder how many people these days light up their cigarettes with a match still. After all, Zippo lighters are more or less the end all and be all when it comes to getting your cancer stick lighted up since it is ever reliable, doesn’t snuff out at the slightest breath, and looks cool whenever you flick its cover open. While the very word Lucifer will probably make you think of the devil himself and his three-pronged pitchfork, this is not quite the case although there is some sort of pyrotechnic action going on here.

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Keyport Slide – goodbye to the huge dangling key chains

Keyport Slide
I hate my keys. Loud, heavy, pointy pieces of metal, easy to lose, hard to find among the others, even fragile, and used everywhere. Door keys, gate keys, car and bike keys, locker keys.. they’re everywhere. Wouldn’t you like a way to get rid of them, and of your RFID tags and car remotes? There might just be a chance here…

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When to call a mouse a mouse


The mouse is taken for granted a bit these days, with versions that can stretch the imagination back and from the twilight zone, however there is such a thing as taking something just that little bit beyond the boundaries of what we call normal, and this mouse found on instructables is to say the very least gone beyond and kept going. For those of a nervous disposition don’t look now!

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