Ricoh GPS camera

Ricoh 500SE

Canon may not have been listening when I asked for a bluetooth camera but it looks like Ricoh were!

The new Ricoh 500SE is automatic, it’s systematic, it’s hydromatic… Errr, where were we? Oh yes, it’s a waterproof, ruggedised 8MP digital camera with Bluetooth, Wifi and GPS all built in – how cool is that? I don’t know how well – or even if – it will work with the Seagate DAVE since neither product has been released yet but I do like the idea of having a hard drive getting the photos directly from the camera.

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Woven Cartilage, new knee! W.W.E.D. (what would Elway do?!)

Researchers at Duke have developed a 3-dimensional woven scaffolding material and process that will serve as a base to join with3-5 scaffoling weaving machine stem cells to form natural cartilage to replace your existing knee cartilage.

This is great, and amazing, as it is a fully therapeutic, and uses stem cells (see they’re awesome) to grow the actual cartilage on the scaffolding.

What this means is, in 3 to 4 years this process should be ready for it’s first human testing.

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Fake Wowwee robots coming your way

wowwee-fake.jpgMost companies that manufacture counterfeit goods often pick up targets that are easy to replicate, take the iPod nano for example. There are tons of nano lookalikes that hail from China, and despite many of them boasting different brand names, peel off the cover and you get the same generic schematics underneath. Therefore, it is pretty rare to see a fake of what most people would deem to be an advanced electronic toy. JaiQi Toys decided to go against the grain by releasing an entire line of Wowwee rip-offs. Known as the “Bo Series”, this quartet of robots actually play their roles pretty well despite being an honest-to-goodness fake.

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Wii Boxing Glove


When the Nintendo Wii was released, most people wondered how motion sensing would really work in a video game, and most of them had a copy of Wii Sports bundled to try. Fortunately for Nintendo, nearly everyone who picked up Wii Sports realized how well the controls worked, with boxing providing hours of entertainment on end (along with broken TVs due to flying Wii-motes, but that is another can of worms). I guess it was only a matter of time before gaming hardware manufacturers thought about making boxing gloves that actually fit in the Wii-mote for a more authentic, bone crunching experience.

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CabBoots – The Boots that Tell You Where to Go

CAB Boots

Currently at the prototype stage CabBoots are a new sort of guidance system for pedestrians that tell the walker were to walk by communicating with what does the walking, the feet.

Invented by German interface designer Martin Frey, CabBoots use electromechanical elements and servos to tilt the boot when you are going in the wrong direction. Martin explains this in a more meaningful way.

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Mini Desk clocks up more mileage than you


So you think that you have actually given your all when it comes to work, but how about a desk that has actually clocked up way more mileage than you ever had throughout your 30-year career? The Mini Desk takes one of the most iconic vehicles in the last century, merging it with office functionality to produce a piece of furniture that will definitely set tongues wagging the moment anybody lays eyes on one. This Mini Desk is hand built from scratch, where one half of the Mini is left intact, while the interior is stripped and replaced with a fully functional working desk. It is also nice to see the creators add a subtle touch by throwing in a number plate that reads “Mini Desk”.

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Ambient Forecast Umbrella replaces weather channel

ambience-umbrella.jpgMost of us these days work in buildings and hardly see what the weather is like outside until we step out for lunch or head home for dinner. Since tracking the weather on the Internet isn’t exactly the most interesting activity around, why not pick up the Ambient Forecasting Umbrella that leaves the guesswork to gypsies and quacks, relying instead on for your area’s weather forecast? This unique umbrella not only shields you from the bitter wind and rain, it also comes with a built-in wireless data radio chip that retrieves the weather forecast from the aforementioned site.

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