Grundig B700 – Looks like a Blackberry and Runs on Linux

Grundig B700

Grundig is better known for their sound systems and radios, but now they’re aiming at the cellphone market. Grundig Mobile is launching the B700 Ultra Slim Communicator, a Blackberry style smartphone that runs on a Linux operating system. The design is very simple, but it also looks effective, with a QWERTY keyboard with SureType® technology, just like the Blackberry.

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A Retro Boombox with a CD player, a Cassette Deck, USB and SD

Sanyo MAJ-U02

Do you remember your old cassette tapes? Yes, those same tapes you used to record with your favourite songs and that are probably hidden in some dark corner of your house? Well, if you have any of those tapes left, you might consider buying the Sanyo MAJ-U02. This portable Boombox comes with a CD player, a cassette deck, a digital FM tuner and a SD/MMC card reader.

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Sonic Bomb Clock jolts you from slumber


Getting to bed is one thing, but closing your eyes is another. While a large segment of the population grapple with their inability to get some slumber, there are those who walk among us who cannot seem to wake up when the morning sun rises. This select group have probably tried a whole range of remedies, ranging from asking someone to slip cold, frozen marbles onto the mattress in the morning to splashing ice cool water on their faces with no effect. Enter the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker – this device is (almost) guaranteed to get even the heaviest of sleepers off the bed and into the bathroom to face a brand new day!

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Bluetooth glove controller of the future

bt-control-glove.jpgHow many of us have wished upon a star to be able to control electrical appliances at the snap of our fingers? I am sure we love to be able to take the “point and click” concept to the next level by “point and activate”. This could be the activation method of the future that will replace the all-powerful universal remote control – an electronic glove that is capable of manipulating your home appliances at the snap of your fingers. Researchers at Engineered Fibre Structures (EFS) have worked long and hard to bring us a working prototype of this soft-fabric electronic glove that remotely controls equipment thanks to Bluetooth connectivity.

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Pussy Cat robot also a computer


When you mentioned the word PC, most of us often think of something rectangle or square. Never in a million years would the layman think out of the box to create a multi-functional computer that does more than just crunching numbers on a spreadsheet. The Microsoft Next PC Design affair managed to produce some pretty quirky concepts, and among them is the Pussy Cat robot. It can be either a robotic feline or a normal computer, but never both simultaneously. Read on to find out what the Pussy Cat robot can offer in either modes.

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