Never carry around your bike seat again

The Locksit probably won’t appeal to the occasional biker, the one who just likes to take a quick ride around the neighborhood, but for the person who relies on their bike every single day to get to and from work, this gadget will be a nice addition to their lives. Just think, you’ll never have to carry around your bike seat again.

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The Doggy Treadmill (seriously)

The Doggy Treadmill
Most people know that owning a dog has some responsibilities that come along with it, the most important ones being: keep the dog fed and take the time out of your day to go on a nice walk. Knowing the US, there’s a category of people that want a dog, but don’t feel like going walking everyday. For those of you lazy people out there that fall into that category, you should do your dog a favor and get him/her the Doggy Treadmill. And yes, I think this is the most ridiculous pet gadget I’ve ever seen. Ever, I swear.

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