Ultimate Bookends for ALL Star Wars Fans


Star Wars Bookends

I’m a bit of a Star Wars geek (though I’m not quite geeky enough (or rich enough) to own my own Stormtrooper costume), so these are probably the best bookends I’ve ever seen (not that I’ve ever been on the lookout for cool bookends), the Han and Greedo bookends.

Taken from the scene in the coolest bar of the galaxy, you have Greedo and Han having that fateful last discussion (and yes Han did shoot first) where only one will walk out alive (and make 2 move epic films in the Star Wars saga).

You can get booth bookends (which would work to support 6 DVDs too :)) for $124.99 (probably the not so cool part but they are limited to 3,500 pieces) from Think Geek.

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