red dot design award – part 2

by Dan

sonny.jpgThis is the second post covering the 2006 edition of the “red dot design award” (you can read the first part here). Today we will check out 2 winners of the “Life Science” category.

Sonny: When I was a kid injections used to scare the heck (to not say something else) out of me. With that problem is mind designers over the Zhejiang University of China created Sonny, a very innovative injecting equipment that should represent less of a threat to the young ones. The syringe comes with a small thumb toy on the top, which can be removed and rewarded to the kid after the injection is performed. The syringe is also supposed to inject the liquid with a push of the fingers instead of a pull of the thumb, giving the idea of something less invasive.

offsnow.jpgOff-Snow rescue devices: “During the first 15 minutes after being hit by an avalanche, 93% of victims are still alive. Most deaths occur when the victims hit rocks or trees during their fall, or are crushed or suffocated by the weight of the snow. This simple, self-saving equipment gives the victim the possibility of escaping from these dangerous situations.” Now the innovative idea of this equipment is the fact that it uses steam, originated from chemical reactions, to melt the snow. The second effect of the steam is an increased temperature around the user which should also enable the victim to wait more time for the rescue.

Reference: red dot design award official site

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