Days Ago

Days AgoIf you’re ever dubious about how long you’ve left something open in the fridge for, then the HowManyDaysAgo timer will be ideal for you. Perfect for remembering for you that you opened that jar 5 days ago, hence no need to let out any foul odours by having to open and inspect the contents to see if any thing’s growing inside!

Also good for when you’ve bought eggs and have decanted them into the egg shelf in the fridge. Of course the use by date is on the box but not always on the eggs themselves!

Personally, I find it useful for checking how long I’ve had bottles of water in the fridge (and the occasional opened bottle of wine).

Something else I’ve used this little gadget for is to time how long I’ve had to wait for deliveries. For example, when ordering products and told delivery will be “in about 10 days”, I can keep an eye on the HowManyDaysAgo time and it’ll let me know when the 10 days is up.

More info and available online from the official Days Ago site.