Reach out and delete a useless file for someone!

by Fred

So I was reading a great little article by Joel at Joel on software and came across the link to the site for the software his company makes.

It’s something I, and likely you, thought we made up together, maybe it was on your couch while we played on a PS1 and said, “Man, I don’t know how to get this darn malware off my computer, but as I live in northern Saskatchewan and have minimal access to a decent tech head how in the heck am I gonna fix it?!”

So Joel who apparently lives where there is tech support (NYC) came up with a neat little networking/remote assistance app. so that your genius Uncle Milt (and I’m not even going to tell you what a salmon would call him!) can help you over the web.

It looks like the difference between the software/link Joel provides and the remote assistance bit of Windows is that Copilot is for regular people to help regular other people. Kind of the 37 Signals of remote assistance. Whereas the Windows Remote Assistance software, seems to be for the above average user, who wants to take more time to do the same operations.

Hmmmmmm,,, Prove me wrong Redmond!

By the way, I blog, I use PC’s (cause Solid Works doesn’t run on an Apple), AND I love Ferrari. So where’s my “Tester of Vista”? Hmmm?

I’d even keep it and review it! Mainly due to the fact that I need a monster lappy with a tablet, oh right, the Ferrari doesn’t have one,, oh well!

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