Sentry’s in-ground safe

by Mike

Sentry's in-ground safe
Having a safe in the house is a good idea, you never know when the worst can happen and making sure your passports, birth certificates, and other important documents are safe is worth some money. A standard safe, maybe it’s digital, is probably sufficient, but that’s not very fun now, is it? Sentry’s in-floor safe is probably the only safe I’ve ever seen that I’d consider cool.

It’s not fireproof, but the fact that this safe can be put into the ground makes up for that. In the best situation, this safe will be installed in a concrete floor, which probably means your basement. With a little work, you could probably pass your safe off as a drainage or sewage pipe; no thief wants to look in a drain, that’s just weird. Just like your standard bike lock, the safe uses a 4 number combination lock. When not in use, you can cover the locking mechanism with a plastic cover to further disguise it. Now, I admit, besides a few small objects, maybe jewelry and heirlooms, and papers, nothing else can really fit due to the circular shape of the safe, but that doesn’t change how cool it is, does it? If you really tried, you could fit stuff 540 cubic inches of stuff in there.

At only $120, Sentry’s in-ground (circular, too!) safe is great for anyone with a house, as in an apartment, I’m sure the person below you won’t appreciate the little black circular thing sticking out of his ceiling as much as you do.

Product Page – [via Uber Gizmo]

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