If you’ve got the ahem,, guts, head to Galls,,,, for low low prices!

by Fred

Ok, so sure, you want to decorate your car like you belong to the nearby police force.

galls logo

You want to be sure that no one pulls in front of you,, ever.  Then again, you don’t mind looking like a high end weirdo, so it’s ok.  Just head on over to Galls for that police issue everything!  There are a few things they have that really hit the gadget geek in all of us right where it hurts,, our wallets.

Check out the Galls Graphic Superstore (seriously) where you can locate the finest is urban camouflage so that your vehicle is treated as “security” or any of their other classy and likely arrest inducing stickers will loudly attest.

If a different measure of automotive hoonage is more your style you can always go to the part of the site where you can select the type of siren you’d prefer

I’ll take the qsiren thanks.

They’ve got loads of other great stuff guaranteed to make you look,,, well, you’ll be visible.

From a bike patrolman’s rear view mirror for his helmet to a whole stack of armor forensics cones, you’ll never have to wonder where those shell casings lie any more.

Now I know I’ve used a direct and mocking tone, but they do have some fun cool products here!  Plus I’ve got a certain FBI officer I have to get a Christmas present for still! Waaay too short bike patrol shorts anyone?

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Phred Says: January 12, 2007 at 10:58 pm

Great! Now you too can be arrested for impersonating a police officer. Very nice to promote something like this! Very responsible!

Jesse Says: March 16, 2007 at 7:11 am

it’s not impersonating an officer, its making your car look like a security vehicle. If people are dumb enough to slow down or move for a look-alike rental cop, then they deserve it.

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