Last minute gift ideas

by Mike

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Maybe you’ve already gotten the relatives their presents, but for those of you who forgot, don’t bother going to the stores. I guarantee you, pretty much anything you could possibly want is either out of stock, or not in the size you want. Don’t worry, you’re not hopeless, plenty of gifts can be printed out or e-mailed these days, and while I’m only going to talk about two, there are tons available.

First is one most people have heard about (in the US at least). It’s called Netflix. Instead of running over to your local Blockbuster, you simply select the movies you want on the Netflix site and they will be delivered within a day or two by mail. Even better, you keep the movie for as long as you want, there are no late fees or due dates. Getting a gift subscription is simple. Just log onto the Netflix website, chose your package, which determines how many DVDs you can take out at a time, and pay. The site even lets you make up a nice little certificate that holds a little message and some instructions. The most popular package is only $18/month.

Not everyone owns an iPod, but a lot of people do, and sure, some of those people prefer to steal their music or just use CDs they already own, but others like to buy it off the iTunes Music Store. Well, Apple offers physical gift cards for iTunes and digital ones that can be sent to any E-mail address you chose. Pick the value, pay, and you’re done.

Either of those two would be a great gift for the last minute shopper to buy. I’m hoping I get both myself.

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