USB Warming Mouse Pad

by Tiago

USB Warming Mouse Pad

We have already covered two different USB mouses that have a special dedicated feature of warming the users hands, more exactly there was one from Thanko and another one from USBGeek.

While the last one had more features and looked like the perfect peripheral to keep the hands-not-cold during the winter, there is a new thing on the market that with the help of one of the previous mouses can really keep your hands warm forever – it is the USB Warming Mouse Pad.

It is made of wool and cotton and as the name suggests it works with USB, just plug the mouse pad on a USB port and you’re good to go. The 120cm of cable length will probably be enough to reach the desired USB port on your computer or laptop, if not you can buy a USB adapter and make a 2-in-1 connection if you know what I mean…

For security reasons there is a maximum temperature which is 42 degrees, I’m guessing that after reaching that level the warmer shuts itself down just like it happens with some electrical blankets. For each 5 minutes passed there is a temperature rise of 15 degrees, so in 10 minutes you can go from really cold to really warm – perfect for people that live in Antarctica.

The product image might not be the best one (advice to check other images) but the way to use it is simple – insert the mouse and your hand inside the mouse pad. One of the bad things is that it might become a bit difficult to control the mouse movement on those conditions…

PS1 – it costs $22 and comes with blue fish design/shape.

PS2 – I would love to have one of these mouse pads right now, it is extremely cold in Portugal!

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Donna Gearhart Says: December 29, 2006 at 12:43 pm

HOW can I get the Blue Fish WARM Mouse Pad??? How much is the shipping? My Zip Code is 58789.

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