USB Rechargeable Shaver

USB Rechargeable Shaver
The USB Rechargeable Shaver is probably one of those rare gadgets that combine personal hygiene and USB technology, in this case it doesn’t matter if the read/writing speed is good, the USB version (1.1 or 2.0) isn’t important either.

As it always happens with USB related products, there is a LED light to indicate if the shaver is being recharged or not, there is also a smart USB plug that can rotate to make the device more compact in size and format.

It is suppose to have a lower power consumption so a full charge must give like 10 shaving sessions, or not. I believe that the battery of your laptop/computer won’t go from full to empty in minutes when you are recharging the shaver, or else this would be a useless USB gadget for people that travel a lot.

Other features of this strange shaver include a light-weight detail (only 74 grams) and a small in dimensions (only 10.9 x 5.3 x 1.5cm) so you can probably store it inside a laptop bag.

Basically this is a shaver for the geeks that – thank god I use a gillette! The USB Rechargeable Shaver is available on USBGeek for $22 – cheap and cool enough?