Boom!!! Ha Ha!! Just kidding, we can find the mines now.

by Fred

Ok, so the brain boys over where the M meets the IT (MIT) The Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Where really

smart kids go to school to find out they’re only mediocre compared to the really REALLY smart kids.

This bunch is at the top. They’ve created a device that, oh, has the capacity to save hundreds of thousands of lives and many more than that in the future!

The future you say! Well, yes, you do, because I’ve put those words in your mouthes.

The device they’ve developed sends out focused acoustic beams that, when they hit a buried land mine (maybe it’s yours, I don’t know) then the dirt above the mine up and a localized radar unit detects the dirts movement and identifies the location of the mine.

It’s novel, it’s ingenious, and it will provide a meaningful, straightforward to begin removing mines from all over the world where men with complexes fought other men with complexes with weapons that were designed to kill kids and people hunting for firewood years after the conflict was over.

Maybe they’ll attach it to a neat little rover the kids over at Johns Hopkins made and make a bomb detecting and removal robot with the help of the folks at iRobot. Why not?! They all work in the same area, and the likelyhood that they all know each other is pretty good! Heck, while they’re at it, why don’t they just make it an open source project so that people all over the world can just build the darn things and get rid of mines killing people where they just want to farm.

It’s just a suggestion.
Everyone has mentioned this already Cnet-crave, Sciencedaily, Digg, and Gizmodo.

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Moon Says: December 23, 2006 at 4:59 pm

Wow. How did the military let this leak? You would figure that this would be top secret right away. Good job by these guys and good job keeping it out front where everybody can find out about it. Maybe mines will be a thing of the past now.

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