Wristease helps prevent RSI


wrist-ease.jpgHere are the cold hard facts – did you know that repetitive strain injuries constitute of the nation’s most common and costly occupational health problem? It is by far and large the fastest growing category of work-related illness, and more than 66% of all reported occupational illnesses resulted from prolonged exposure to repeated trauma on the upper body, and the dreaded Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ranks high on that list. We could all go out on a limb and complain about how hardware manufacturers have long neglected users by providing a more ergonomic experience, but being the great nation that we are, there is always something we can do on our part to help ourselves. This is where the Wristease comes in handy.

This extremely portable ergonomic wrist support can be worn over your wrists as you sit in front of the computer, hacking away on the keyboard in an attempt to complete the 20,000 word assignment that will be due in a few hours’ time. With the necessary support provided by the Wristease, you can easily kiss goodbye to all the discomfort and pain caused by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as well as other hand/wrist related repetitive motion injuries.

In case your Wristease has soaked up much sweat and grime over a prolonged period of use, you can just toss it into the washing machine and it will come out as good as new. In addition to us bloggers, the Wristease also works great for technicians, piano players, pool players, and even seamstresses. A pair will set you back by $15.99.

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