Flying MICRO Helicopter Still Available

This is a more of an advertisement than a post but as the product is so cool I don’t mind, it’s the must have pocket size remote control Micro X-Copter. I might be a bit too late for Christmas but if I was offered one of these as a somewhat belated present or a woolly jumper on Christmas morning I know which I’d choose :).

2 thoughts on “Flying MICRO Helicopter Still Available”

  1. My buddy brought one of these back from China, (where I believe it cost a lot less than here) and we’ve found it to be cool, but rather difficult to control. The only controls available are up/down and “spin left” or “spin right” (allows you to point the nose for slight forward control) which can be trimmed out a little, but still difficult to master.

  2. Save your money! I got mine at Radio Shack for $30.00. The previous post is correct about flight control. It’s very difficult to guide i.e. to control its direction of flight. There are web sites that give hints on tuning performance, but I’ve not had much success. Syill, it’s a lot of fun.

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