Earmuffs with built in headphones

Earmuffs with integrated headphones
It’s getting colder out here, and as a runner, I’m just not a fan. Besides being cold for my legs and arms, my ears get terribly cold and they start to hurt. Finally I’ve found the perfect gadget for runs in the winter, the Ear Muff Headphones. They sound, feel, and look comfortable.

Those muffs may look familiar, I know I own and have seen plenty like those, but these are a tad different. Beneath all the comfort is a pair of integrated headphones that will plug into any audio device, namely an iPod. This way you get your tunes while keeping your ears nice and warm. The speakers inside are produced by JVC and have 40mm drivers. Multiple layers of polyester fleece along with Thermolite and Polartec make these the most comfortable pair of ear muffs you will ever wear; I’ve worn them and if no one would give me those odd, crazy person looks, I swear I would wear them all the time, everyday. My head isn’t exactly large, and having these muffs extend and deextend (not sure if that’s a word :)) for me was pretty useful, otherwise they would fall off during a run.

For a last minute Christmas gift for a runner, or for anyone who tends to spend a lot of time out in the cold, this will be perfect. Getting it shipped, on the other hand, won’t be a good idea, as you’d have to pay a fortune to get it before Christmas, however I’ve seen these (and bought a pair) in the states at Nordstrom’s. Expect to pay between $35 and $40.

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