ICE-QUBE is the most uber emergency kit ever

by Mike

There’s nothing like keeping yourself prepared for an emergency. Keeping some extra water and food in the house, or tools, supplies, and other oddities in the car is always a good idea, but at a certain point, you do go overboard. Most people don’t go that far, but anyone who owns, or even thought about buying, an ICE-QUBE uber emergency kit has gone too far.

Unlike any other, the ICE-QUBE is 16” long, 16” high, and 18” wide, and when fully packed weighs a good 80 pounds. It may have everything, but if you’ve got a bad back or are just weak, don’t bother with this, maybe a set of smaller, more manageable emergency kits will better suit you. Past the basic necessities, you know, the JIF peanut butter, FIJI water, band-aids, Kleenex, gloves, a first aid kit, and other small things, there’s the sudoku book and the playing cards ($5 bucks there’s an iPod shuffle hidden in there as well). As if you hadn’t paid enough money already, the ICE-QUBE company will offer you a subscription service to replace any perishable goods in your kit whenever needed.

You better have quite the mind for safety and really, really, really want to be prepared for an emergency because at $850 per ICE-QUBE you might want to settle for a more modest emergency kit, maybe one without a sudoku book? More information about how wonderful and exceedingly brilliant the ICE-QUBE is can be found on their website.

[via Red Ferret]

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