Concept cellphones that power themselves


modelabs-concept.jpgMany of us have experienced the indignity of being rudely cut off whilst in the middle of a conversation, only to realize that our cellphone batteries have run out of juice in the most inopportune of moments. Some of these moments are even more crucial as we were on the verge of closing a business deal. Unfortunately, fuel cell batteries are still quite a distance away in the future from making a mainstream appearance, while cellphone manufacturers seem to be offering brighter and better displays along with a slew of functions that do nothing but guzzle up even more power. ModeLabs has seen to this problem by developing a trio of concept cellphones that are self-sufficient via normal, everyday use. You can kiss goodbye to chargers forever should the YoYo, U-Turn, and Runaway concepts take off and materialize.

The YoYo looks like its namesake, and is worn around the neck of the user. It comes with a solar panel as well as a built-in pendulum, relying on both kinetic and solar energy for power. The U-Turn focuses more on the urban professional, boasting a case that must be opened before the keyboard can be used. The action of opening and closing will then generate the power required to power the U-Turn. Last but not least, the Runaway is worn on your wrist or attached to other exercise equipment, using kinetic power generated from movements during the exercise.

I’m not sure if such energy sources are viable to keep a cellphone running, as such devices are definitely not low-powered like watches. However, it is nice to see companies stepping up and taking account of the hassle of recharging your handset every other day. Hopefully all three concept handsets will make it to the production line – I know I will be the first in line to purchase one when it is commercially available.

Source: SlashGear

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