PictureBook Digital Photo Album

by Tiago

PictureBook Digital Photo Album
On top of the other seven digital frames we already mentioned there is a new one that really grabbed my attention, just like a fireman grabs a person when he/she is about to fall off a building – both situations are similar and have the same feeling.

Anyway, enough with gibberish talk and moving on to the digital frame of the day – the PictureBook Digital Photo Album:

All the other digi frames we previously talked about had one similar feature which is the lack of big storage capacity, therefore consumers could only put like 60 or 80 photos on a frame, sometimes less. The scenario changes when using the PictureBook, since it is suppose to work as an album it has a hard-drive with 40GB, can you imagine the number of photos you can insert in it? I can’t, but the producers/designers (read Brookstone) talk about storing over 20,000 photos.

OK, so now we have a digital frame with huge storage capacity, but how can one add photos? There are 8 options, you can either insert one of the seven memory cards (Compact Flash, Smart Media, Multimedia, Micro Drive, Memory Stick, Secure Digital) that is supported by the Digital Album, or you can simply use the USB port and connect it to a computer (Windows and MAC compatible).

One of the positive aspects that I liked on the PictureBook is that there is an option to customize albums taking in consideration the kind of photos. For example: instead of having 300 photos of parties and family mixed together, you can easily create an album and add each photo to a specific album named “Family” and “Parties”. The other good feature that works in coordination with the albums is the slide show.

The PictureBook Digital Photo Album costs $400 and has a TFT LCD screen measuring 5.6-inches.

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