LCD Televisions Made in Italy

by Dan


Italy is very famous for its excellence on design, but forget about fashion and sports cars, Mc Person wants to bring the Italian design to electronic devices and television sets. The company recently announced an “all-in-one” solution called I-TV.

The innovative concept will offer television, radio, internet, high definition video, house automation, health monitoring and more. The device presents a high resolution screen (1920×1080 pixels) and wireless capabilities to communicate with other electronic devices in the house. Mc Person is obviously betting on the desire for simplicity, all the mentioned applications will be controlled through one single remote control, and you will not need to entangle your living room with wires to get all the features.

Another very interesting product from Mc Person is the Sierra television. The external cover was created with glossy aluminum and the whole set can be rotated horizontally by 60 degrees. The screen uses the “Active Colour Matrix” technology to guarantee very high resolutions, and it is protected by a special crystal sheet.

The integrated sound system should satisfy even the most demanding users. It uses the Sound Retrieval System (SRS) to create tri-dimensional sound effects without needing more than two speakers. The product comes with a special software that can be used to customize both the audio and video outputs, improving the overall experience.

The manufacturer assures that the television can be seen up to an angle of 176 degrees, the refresh rate is under eight milliseconds and it also incorporates the “Digital Color Transition Improvement”. The 27” version sells for €850 while the 32” one goes for €1250.

Reference: Mc Person

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