Frag Pedal gives you an edge


frag-pedal.jpgMost gamers take some time when perusing a certain type of genre before they can come up with a control scheme that they are most comfortable with, and this scenario more often than not occurs within the realm of PC gaming as compared with console games that have a limited amount of buttons and joysticks. A different placement of keys or a slight shift from the familiarity of your button configuration could mean an end game result that favors your opponent. Thankfully, we have ThinkGeek who delivers the Frag Pedal for PC gamers, offering the use of our legs to free up at least a key or two on the keyboard while fragging away.

Although it might take some getting used to in the beginning, getting comfortable with it after a while could prove to bring your gaming experience to the next level. Made from burnished aluminum and tough rubber, the Frag Pedal was built to withstand the rigors of everyday gaming, and we know how much more pressure we exert on our gaming peripherals whenever the situation in the game gets more and more tense. This knee-jerk reaction will only be felt once the adrenaline rush is over, and our fingers start to ache in places that we never knew existed.

The Frag Pedal will most likely be easily embraced by fans of racing and driving simulators, but the main advantage would be freeing up an additional key near the crucial WASD section of the keyboard or an extra button on your gaming mouse which could be used for an additional weapon instead of mundane stuff like opening doors. The Frag Pedal comes with a programming tool that makes it easier for you to assign the appropriate in-game action to the specific key. Pick one set today for $69.99.

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