JASON! I told you not to touch that!!! oh,, wait,, you can touch that.

by Fred

Yes, they’re at it again, the wise and all knowing JASON. bradygames red pill green pill

Who or what is a JASON you may ask?

Well, they’re a relatively secret cabal of U.S. scientists that operate beyond political arenas (that’s they’re stipulation). The nice thing is, they just do what they do. They’re umm, good thinkers.

That’s really an understatement, they’re mostly the most brilliant scientists we have and well they do what they can (boy am I gonna get flamed on that one).

Anyhow, they’ve just put out a recommendation regarding engineering microorganisms for energy production.

So there I was wondering do I want a red pill or a green pill, and all of a sudden my question was answered! Over at Secrecy News, where this was posted, where there’s all sorts of scary crap. The JASON’s recommendation outlines production of microorganisms.

The really neat thing is, they note current solar power systems and the like. Then they note using solar and biological combinations with photosynthesis and hydrogen production. Well ok, not all at once, they recommend pushing each of those technologies independently , then finding ways to integrate them for energy production.

Now while hacking into a perfectly good Neo sounds like a good idea, I think the JASONs are really on it with optimizing solar with photosynthesis. Plus depending on how they can “optimize” biologicals into producing hydrogen, or hydrogen generating by products (or non-photosynthetics to produce hydrogen which is probably easier).

I just hope people get on the bandwagon on this one!

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John Says: June 20, 2008 at 10:41 am

seriously… less diatribe and opinionated bs banter and more item description you idiots

David Says: June 20, 2008 at 11:24 am

I know what ya mean John, its just crazy how they are perpetuating ignorance when it is obvious they have know clue what they are talking about. So they just beat around the bush and try to sound witty! Geesh, these stupid morons need to think before they write.

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