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by Dan

everytrail.jpgGPS lovers have a very interesting new service on the Internet, and it is called EveryTrail. The online platform is based on user created content to display information about hundreds of trips around the world. The users feed their GPS data, with the possibility of adding audio comments, pictures or even videos to specific locations. The result, as you can imagine, is a very appealing experience, both for the people going outdoor and creating the stuff and for the would-be travelers that prefer to choose a trip carefully at the comfort of their home using the EveryTrail site.

The service is free, all you need to do is register an account with the site, install the “EveryTrail GPS uploaders” software on your GPS, upload the data and start creating trips. The specific definition of a trip for the website is as follows: “Trips are made up of GPS locations, text and pictures overlaid on maps of your choice. Briefly speaking, to create a new trip you specify which of your GPS data you want to include, you add text, and you upload a couple of pictures. We use 2 types of GPS locations: Tracks and waypoints. Tracks are “breadcrumb trails” of the exact path you took, as long as your GPS device received GPS signals. Tracks are represented as continuous lines. Waypoints are specific points of interest that you can record on your GPS device while on the trail, or add to the map by pointing and clicking when back home in front of your computer.”

The website has been running only for a couple of months, but it already gathered more than 350 trips, ranging from running activities to sailing and hiking. It also covers the four corners of the world, after a quick navigation I came across trips in Africa, Europe, South and North America.

Reference: EveryTrail website

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