Gengis Khan is back, and in style!

by Dan

khan_entertainment.jpgKazakhstan is about to gain the biggest tent in the world, called Khan Shatyry Center. The huge structure was inspired by the tents of the emperor Gengis Khan and it will count more than 100 thousand square meters of internal area.

The project was developed to support social activities and create an entertainment public place. The huge tent was necessary to protect the people from the harsh climate condition that Kazakhstan presents, both in the winter (-30 degrees Celsius) and in the summer (+30 degrees Celsius).

Now for those of you wondering what you will find inside the building here is a short list: a river, an aquatic park, swimming pools with waves, a convention center, a gold course, an exposition center, a shopping center and parking space.

The man behind the Khan Shatyry is Norman Foster, one of the most famous British architects, who was hired directly by the president of the Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. Details about the cost of the project were not released, but people comment that such a huge structure is something very unique and complex (so yeah that toy will cost a heck lot of money…).

The tent will be a permanent structure and its cover will use a special material called ETFE which allows the light to pass while protecting the interior against water, cold or other weather conditions. Lord Norman Foster, born in 1935, is also responsible for the airport of Beijing and for the restructure of the British Museum.

Via: Digital Drops and Sapo (Portuguese)

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Nick Ellis Says: December 15, 2006 at 12:05 pm

Thanks a lot for the link, Dan!

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