My wife wants a Lotus,, ummm you’re right dear,, let’s never argue!!!

by Fred

Seriously, we came out of the garage below her lab and there it was, a gleaming metallic charcoal Lotus Elise.

She said, “What’s THAT?!”

“That’s the Lotus I always tell you I want!”

“How much is it?!”

“It’s like 43,000$.” (I’m a Californian, I’m allowed to say like even if it irks you)



“Can we get one?!”

“I Love you.”

Yes, that’s how the conversation went.

So then I went on to explain some simple facts.
1. Edmunds lists a 2006 Elise at $42,990 USD.
2. 190 Horsepower
3. 0-60 MPH in under 5 seconds
4. Lotus!! Suspension, well,, like a Lotus!
5. Look at it!!!
6. The nearest competitors and their costs:

BMW M-series $49,000+ why spend more, get less?
Porsche Boxster $45,000 required if you’re a dentist, but what if you’re not!?
Honda S2000 $ 34,050 it’s boring in a wedge shape (but yes, it’s a good deal,, but Boooring!!!)

Corvette $44170+ You can spend the lowest sum for it, but at that price point, I think the tires are optional!

It’s rocking the YamaYota engine on the inside of course (built by Yamaha, badged Toyota). A sweet little Yokohama rubber fetish.


Oh, and it’s more or less a convertible (there is a hard top option).

More than that, this is a car that, while exotic, provides one of the most serious rides you’ll ever set your tushie upon. So much so in fact that the experts at Edmunds list the ride quality as “more Formula One than grand touring”. Ummm, fellas, that’s a CON?!

Now I’ll admit, mine will likely skip the “Air conditioning delete” option (I’ve lived in Fresno, that’s NEVER a good idea!) But I will go with the Ipod input jack thank you very much!

Realistically, in this holiday season of giving. Let’s truly point out that if you really love someone you should get them this car. Know that, so if you don’t have one under your tree, bush, pole, or menorah, then you are truly unloved. Ummm, maybe not, but they should really be thinking of your Lotus needs more!

Oh yeah, and for the British Racing Greenies in all of us, 24 city/29 highway. Hah!!! That’s why I’ll have mine in BRG (British Racing Green).  Oh, and if these dreams never come true, I’ll just build my own damn Caterham!

Take that Mr. Cnet thinking the Lexas was a usable lead sled.

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Ryan Kennedy Says: December 13, 2006 at 12:48 am

My wife and I had a similar conversation 6 years ago when we bought our HDTV:

Wife: What’s *THAT*?

Me: A 55″ Mitsubishi rear-projection HDTV.

Wife: I want it.

Me: I love you.

alois Says: December 13, 2006 at 1:02 am

you should consider this new cars from KTM (motorcycles mainly)

sorry for the german link.

Ben Says: December 13, 2006 at 8:29 am

i drove lotus exige in silverstone (uk f1 track)
it is more fun for the money .
it’s much faster then everything in your list of competitors .
but it’s very,very uncomfertable.
real hard to go in,real hard to go out.

Fred Says: December 13, 2006 at 11:13 am

Ryan, way to go!! (umm what consoles are you playing on that thing?! xbox? wii? Expenstation?)
Alois, I saw the images on the new KTM earlier this week, it looks great, however, it’s not out yet, and I’m doubting the prices are in line with the Lotus (though I’d love to hear otherwise, it looks great).

Ben, to begin, I’m jealous!!!! Second, I was going for the bang for the buck thing. I’d gladly trade up to the Exige, however, as I’m currently limited to a Saturn ion. So all I can state is what I want to drive, (sadly). Other thoughts for budget racers?

Al Says: December 13, 2006 at 3:42 pm

Very nice, somebody obviously gets paid too much.

I very nearly got a Vauxhaul VX220 a few years back (a better Lotus with a crap badge) then my mate got one so I couldn’t just copy. I’ve not got an old Ford Mondeo which will do me until my businesses take off (once that happens I’ll let you know).

Hope Says: October 10, 2008 at 7:03 am

I just found out about the Lotus Elise and I LOVE IT.
I love the color varieties it has along with the awesome design, For me, thats the coolest thing since M&m’s/
And let me tell you they are pretty kool.

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