Link, master adventurer, cast in poly-stone

adult-link.jpgFans of Link, the Hero of Time and the true bearer of the Triforce and Master Sword, will be pleased to know that the master adventurer is now cast in poly-stone forever by the good folk at First 4 Figures. The Adult Link measures 7″ tall including the base he stands on, and looks set to loose one of his trademark spin attack that we have all come to know and love over the past couple of decades.

The Adult Link holds in his hands both the Master Sword as well as the Hylian Shiled that has many a time kept him alive in tight situations. Cast in high quality poly-stone, each Adult Link is hand finished and hand painted to give him the one-of-a-kind look that cannot be found anywhere else. Special props go out to artist Goran Sadojevich and base concept artist James West for this labor of love that is guaranteed to thrill fans of Link worldwide. Each purchase comes with a card of authenticity, but you will have to wait until Q2 next year as Santa’s elves are busy with worldwide delivery orders at the moment.

Those who are interested in some trivia would do well to take note that the Adult Link figure is actually the third collectible statue in First 4 Figures’ Legend of Zelda collectible statue series. Since a limited supply of just 2,500 pieces will be available, those who have ordered the Fierce Deity Link or Skull Kid from the First 4 Figures store are eligible to place their pre-order for the Adult Link before any of the masses do. I personally think that $109.99 for such a rare and prominent item is well worth the investment, as it might even help offset the college fees of your kid a few decades down the road after you auction it off on eBay.

Source: Game Addicts