Java Space Invaders

I generally enjoy coding games more than I do playing them (then again when I get my Wii that might change). I started our sister site Game Addicts with my friend Sean who is a professional games programmer, there’s been a lack of posts there recently (changing now thanks Edwin) due to a series of mini games that we’ve been working on (when I say we I actually mean Sean).

The first of which is the very cool retro game Space Invaders:

This took Sean about 2 lunch hour man days to write which I reckon is pretty damn cool. So please check it out and gives us some feedback (I coded the high score system so please don’t break it).

If you’d like to feature the game on your own site or blog get in touch and I’ll send you instructions and add a link to your site to the high score table (this is still pretty much in beta so a few testers would be great).

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