I am G.I. Joe!!! No wait, I’m mildly overweight Ken! DIY Action Figures!

You have always played: G.I. Joe (Action Man), He-Man, and the occasional Barbie (sister enforced most likely).action hero

Well now you can make your own action figure at On Demand Action Figure. They also are the same people that bring you the joys of Herobuilders.com which oddly is mostly hip-hop styled figures. Also it seems they’re affiliated with toybuilders.com where you can custom develop your own toys, board games and plush toys as well!

Who doesn’t want to make a great toy on their own? You’ve probably seen Conan O’Brien has one (is it on his desk?) and really everyone probably should, if the image is correct, you can even put them in your seat at the office, and people may wonder if you shrunk! Then again, maybe not.

This is my first lame version,, I’ll likely go back and make another, as I am loathe to put ties around my neck as they make me stabby. Plus the only sportcoat I own is black (the other “suit” they had was pinstripes for that “scarface” look).

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1 thought on “I am G.I. Joe!!! No wait, I’m mildly overweight Ken! DIY Action Figures!”

  1. I have been to this site they have no female action figures and everyone comes out looking like a gang member and nothing like the person you want to prtray,since their base is their urban line,the other website http://www.herobuilders.com,while acurate,and definately more option filled is just to expensive for someone looking to have 1 doll made and give as a gift. I like the majority of people am not famous or rich and simply can’t afford the 500 samolians to have a action figure made to tell my husband,kids,or freinds i think their great enough to be an action figure.It is a cool idea but it is not one for your average Joe.This is a RICH persons fantasy……

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