Star Foster – Rest in Peace

star.jpgI heard the very sad news today that fellow blogger Star Foster has passed away. To me Star was an absolute inspiration, her fantastic personality and passion came across in all or her writings (I read Shiny Shiny religiously because of Star).

I was chatting to Star a few weeks ago whilst she was on vacation (a true online devotee) and she loved what she did (though did have a dodgy taste in movies at times). If there’s an Internet in heaven, Star will shine more brightly than ever and keep waving that England flag.

My condolences go out to all of Star’s family, friends and colleagues. Star touched many people in her life as bloggers testimonies are already showing:
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One thing that Star’s family has asked:

In lieu of flowers the family is asking that donations be made in Star’s name to the Star. C. Foster Memorial Scholarship Fund at Central High School.

Donations can be made to the Associate Alumni of Central High School
(please make checks payable to AACHS)
P.O. Box 26580
Philadelphia PA 19141

I will be donating all income that I make on December 14th, if anybody would like to follow suit I’m sure it would be appreciated.

R.I.P. Star