Hummer provides entry point for Santa


hummer-fireplace.jpgWe all know how environmentally destructive Hummers are, with their fuel guzzling habits that would put even the most hard core drinker to shame. These oversized and overpriced vehicles made the fateful jump from military service to civilian life no thanks to the excessive lifestyle of celebrities who have more money to throw around frivolously than you and I can ever earn in 5 lifetimes, even with the help of compound interest. Since the Hummer itself is so huge, modding and pimping it out is an extremely easy task as there is plenty of space to move around inside. This is exactly what GeigerCars did, and they have thrown in a full-blown fireplace inside along with a chimney to keep the airflow going.

The fireplace isn’t the only modification made to the Hummer, that’s for sure. GeigerCars has even fitted a huge flat panel TV display that will go down nicely with any next generation console which supports High Definition, gullwing doors that are normally reserved for sports cars, and heck – even a snowmobile in tow to get you into the Christmas spirit. Behind the Hummer lies a storage rack that can be used to store a gamut of items such as snowboards and hockey sticks. All these are additional luxuries added on to the customary bling-out rims and subwoofer.

As if the Hummer isn’t already burning up its share of fuel for 10 families, it now spouts smoke from a ceiling top chimney. Well, at least Santa has a way of making his way into the Hummer in order to leave some goodies behind for its occupants, although it might be a little bit paradoxical as you must be a pretty bad boy to leave a trail of destruction in the environment with such a monster.

Source: Ubergizmo

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