Go Fly a Kite,, a Radio Controlled Kite!!!!

by Fred

Yes, of course there are a ton of remote control toys out there. How many of them are blended with kites? Well, so far I can clearly identify 1.

It’s the Radio Controlled Air Kite (ok, maybe they need to go to a special school where they come up with good names) but it looks like fun!

It’s from the folks over at Gadgetuniverse. They’ve even got some, ahem, special gifts for mommies and daddies.

Back to the issue at hand. There are a number of flying toys available for kids and adults alike. The biggest issue is, there are very few that are well designed for the younger set.

It seems this type of aircraft is different. It looks like it can run much slower, yet still retains all the fun and control of typical RC. The slower speeds and easy to use electric power system will be simpler and likely fit the reaction times for the younger set.

There is an L.E.D. light system ringing the edges of the vehicle. Now, you can fly at night!! That’s just not going to happen with darn near every other RC aircraft (unless of course you like to get out your night vision goggles while you play with your RC toys. This would tend to make me think you’ve got better toys and could probably afford a real plane, and well, I’m not talking to you!)

The fun really does seem to be the ability to fly this at dusk, and early evening. This is a great idea!

Night flying really brings a great little advantage to the busy parent. Now when they get home late, and little Jenny or Eustace (I don’t know what you’ve named your children!) want to play with Daddy or Mommy, rather than staying indoors and not being able to do anything outside (mainly due to a distinct inability to see stuff because of darkness. With this thing you finally can!

Well, now of course in now way can I be sure that this was the original intent of the designers for the Radio Controlled Air Kite. I simply can’t see why it wouldn’t though!

As it is getting closer to the lovely gadget/gift based events, remember to spoil your loved ones with items they’ll like,,,,,

or that they won’t understand and you’ll have to play with for them.

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Nick Says: September 24, 2008 at 1:50 am

Oh look.. and EXACT copy of the IFO (Indoor Flying Object)

You sourced it from China no doubt?

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