Digital Photo Keychain

Digital Photo Keychain

The Digital photo keychain is available for $39.95 from Amazon.

This will be the 7th digital photo frame we talk about here at CG, it might be a sign to take it easy on this kind of gadgets but I digress and keep on finding new ones that are worth talking writing about, or not…

Anyway, as the name suggests this is a keychain which means that it is on the pocket-sized category and can be considered a small version of the other digital frames (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) that we like most. On the other hand, we already reported a similar keychain but lets be honest, this one looks much better on the outside aspect and is 100 times more attractable than the previous one.

This digital photo keychain has a big small LCD screen display that measures 1.4-inches, if this is too small for you, my only advice is to transfer/shoot a photo of your beloved ones to/on your cellphone and the problem is solver, otherwise, keep reading. The internal flash memory has a big small storage capacity of 8MB, with the maximum limit of photos allowed being 56. As you can see on the image the colors are true and vivid – I’m sure the “marketing” folks didn’t use photoshop and changed some colors (like it happens to models after photo shoots) for the better.

To transfer photos to the keychain you must use USB + the included software and it is a very easy task – just drag and drop. The included batteries can last 2.5 hours of continuous viewing time, I’m almost sure you can’t stand still looking at the same photo for two hours and a half, so it will probably take some months before you have to recharge.

If you read this far, you are probably waiting for the link and price info – $50 via Amazon and Brookstone.

3 thoughts on “Digital Photo Keychain”

  1. great gadget. where can i get one in vancouver,bc canada?
    don’t want to order over the internet.
    would much rather see it in person then pay cash for it.
    fine to advertiese these items but would be nice to include
    names of stores that actually carry them in stock.

    make sense? i think so.

  2. I’ve got on of this from Amazon few weeks ago. It’s very cool and handy. I can watch my pictures everywhere I go. Thanks for the info

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