Electrolux Design Lab 2006

by Dan

nevale1.jpgAccording to the definition of the official site “Electrolux Design Lab is an annual design competition that is open for students from around the world to use their creativity to develop solutions that meet the needs of tomorrow’s consumers. It is also an opportunity for the students to exchange ideas and discover new possibilities with Electrolux designers.”

Below you will find the first four places of this year’s competition:

1) Nevale: a food carrier that uses a vacuum system to isolate the interior. Additionally the carrier was created in layers so that different combinations of food, either hot or cold, can be stored together. The project was developed by a student at the Istanbul Technical University.

organiccook.jpg2) Organic Cook: created at National University of Singapore the Organic Cook uses radiant energy and high frequency electromagnetic waves to cook food without the need of oil or other additives. The whole process is carried under a vacuum system so that the properties of the food will not be affected.

3) Vessto: a portable cooker that derives its power from a small quantity of gas inside the device. It only uses an incorporated battery to reach a certain temperature, and after that the gas engine starts working independently. The product also includes a control panel that is managed through a touch screen.

4) Fit-Snack-Joy: the perfect table-top appliance for people that dig fitness and a healthy life style. The device cleans, chops, bakes, seasons and molds fresh fruits and vegetable into funny shapes. The control panel also includes valuable nutritional information about food so that customers will always know what they are eating.

Via: Treehugger

Reference: Electrolux Design Lab official site

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