Picoo Z, Yes!! It is that much fun (and I know where ta get you one!)

by Fred

FrontFront2It’s what you’ve been waiting for! A Tiny Helicopter that’s awesome! (and affordable). Big hint here, Read the full review!
1. It is fun! It is a real kick to fly something inside the house, it’s just what your mom told you never to do, and there you are doing it, and not destroying anything! Wheee!!

2. It is affordable (if you go to the right place). Apparently, the right place is HobbyTron and it’s for the right price 39.00$ and shipping,, really! Everything you need is right there out of the box!! (other places are charging 99$ and more, why?! Go to Hobbytron!)
3. Most of all, IT REALLY WORKS!!! nuff said.

1. You will not soon be referred to as T.C.
2. It is easy to “play with” but difficult to “control well”. I HIGHLY advise downloading the Advanced tuning

weight guide from Hobbytron (they’ve done some work for you!) and applying the metal “weights” right away (they’re REALLY Light but do help a bit). Additionally,, PRACTICE!
3. You will still need real helicopter lessons if you want to fly the Pope around.
Seriously though (ok, when am I ever serious) this thing is fun. Setup is as easy as can be.

  1. Remove packaging from UPS box (it’s important to do this first).unboxing
  2. Marvel at the cute packaging and fun little word combinations you’d never make like: “Unique Material Withstand Crashes”, “This product is an original design by silverlit toys with numerous registered patents”, and, “For Ages 8+”. Man those Silverlit guys are silly!!!
  3. Then just open the INCLUDED BATTERIES (all 6 of them) and put them in (as we all know the spring gets the – side, honestly if you don’t know that by now, I may have to have someone tweak your nose).
  4. Charge the copter already man!!!! (expect to wait at least 30 minutes for the first charge, the next ones are usually about 5-10 minutes depending on how much you already ran down the batteries before recharging, just turn off the helicopter, plug in the attached cord and turn on the “radio” (we’ll get to the fact that it’s a big flashlight later). When the green light shuts off, it’s charged, it really is that easy! Make sure the helicopter is turned off while charging.
  5. Unplug and put away the charging cord (it gets in the way while you’re trying hard to control a rapidly spinning vehicle through space and time)
  6. Turn on the helicopter and FLY!!!!!!!

Ahh, the flying part, I know you’re excited, but wait a sec, there’s a few things you might want to know before you go all “T.C.” ok. First, you and your buddy Rick will think, “Hey, umm shouldn’t there be some sort of aerial attached to my remote control here?”Battery Bay


WHAT?! That’s right, it’s Infrared!!!!


Yup!! It is!

What’s infrared? (this is Rick talking again, too much papaya).

It’s the same thing you use for your telly remote!!

No Way!!! (I think you’re starting to see why we don’t have Rick reviewing products very often).

So yes, the controller is a big fancy Infrared L.E.D. flashlight. Here’s the tricky part though, it works GREAT!!! Most people don’t realize that Infrared beams go through lots of things regular light doesn’t, so it actually works quite well, just don’t try and work it around walls that you can’t see through. I would however suggest playing with it in your local hall of mirrors that’d be fun, just please, and I can’t say this enough. Look out for a man with a replaceable hand with attachments like claws!!!

As for the actual flight, whew!! That’s a whole other story! You’re looking at some real surgeon-esque moves to pull off sweet maneuvers, don’t be looking to uncork bottle caps any time soon.

It’s pretty tricky to fly, but once you generally get the hang of it, you’ll feel comfortable very quickly. The left thumb stick is preset to the lower position. To lift off, just push up (then quickly find an altitude you’d like to hover at, and try and assume it!) Again, make sure you’ve checked out the “advanced tuning guide” up above and loaded on the “weights” they really do help! Be aware, this thing can really go up! We were up around 30 feet, or as I like to call it, “look out for those power lines!” We never did hit any, but it really can go quite a bit farther than you’d think. Also be VERY prepared for when it goes on the roof! Have a plan! (or just use it inside). If you use it outside and aren’t a total ace, plan on talking to someone about getting on their roof, or at least asking them to return it after the snow. Again, you’ll want to practise inside, a lot!! It’s so light you’re not going to damage anything inside your house most likely, except for: dry flower arrangements (sorry honey), anything by Manet, Monet, and if you’re having pasta for dinner, Penne.

Steering is quite another proposition, (so far) I’ve been able to more or less get around (ok, that’s a lie, I windCharging2 my way around and occasionally I can land back on the same coffee table I took off from).Charging

Typically my odds of such a fine return are around 1 in 4, so I’m definitely showing some improvement. Rather than simply, right to go right, left to go left, well, let me quote the manual, “If you turn the helicopter slowly to the counterclockwise, the helicopter will decelerate. And when turned it to the clockwise, it will accelerate.” Their words not mine! So Practice!!!

So basically, there’s some sort of “speed up, slow down” associated with the, “turn left, turn right” that I haven’t mastered yet at all (it’s just day 2!) Don’t worry, it’s not an R.C. plane and it’s not going to fly out of your grasp at mach 1. Just walk over, yank it out of the air and try again! Start with Left is left, and right is right, just feel your way from there. Watch the video to get a taste of my “flying” and maybe you’ll see it’s not rocket science.

Some interesting nuances we’ve seen so far. At the beginning of flights when the helicopter’s batteries are really juiced up, be prepared! The lift off is fast and intense. It seems the “trim tabs” don’t seem to adjust well with the battery changes (there are trim tabs, oy! I’ll leave that for the next discussion, I think a young aerospaceTail engineer is starting his dissertation on them as we speak). You’ll want to find a general “trim” setting and adjust on the fly (for left/right flight), as the power output by the batteries is intense at first, then smooths out nicely for the duration of your flights. It’s not that big a deal, just look out for it, or it’ll catch you off guard.

Don’t forget to stay tuned as well. The folks at Hobbytron are running a contest on youtube for best flight!

Also found, a great mod site for your picoo Z!!! (they seem like they’d really fix it up in terms of control, I’ll let you know about the hammerhead!)

There are 3 available channels, they refer to as A, B, and C. It’s pretty tough to figure out,, oh, wait,, no again. It’s simple and just works. (But do be careful, you can only fly these three channels together with three controllers, multiples on the channel,,,, oh who am I kidding, it sounds like a blast!!!) Imagine 30 all perfectly spaced, dancing together as they obey my every wobbly command!

“Fly into wall”
“Try and land on kitchen table”
“Taunt sister”
It truly is a wonderful toy!
Don’t worry, barring a loss of gravity, it will always fall back to the ground!
Happy flying!!!

Special Thanks to Kristofer Beldin over at HobbyTron!!!

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chiappa Says: January 20, 2007 at 3:11 pm

Attendere quanto prima di caricare nuovamente comando a distanza per ottenere volo più decente. Durata batteria per volo quandoi ammontare? Poi aspetto minuti per caricare carica del helycopter yaah?

Will Says: January 9, 2008 at 2:28 am

There’s a better solution than sticking on the bits of metal, creating an air scoop on the nose or a “Canard” is a little more efficient than adding extra weight.

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