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password-puppies.jpgMost dog owners love taking care of their pets because they don’t answer back and are extremely loyal despite putting up with all your bad traits. Unfortunately, not every single one of us are able to own a dog due to limited financial ability as well as the lack of time for pampering our beloved pooch. Thankfully, there is always a digital alternative (isn’t that the case these days) with the Password Puppies from Crazy Gadgets. Retailing for £14.95 a pop, these electronic pets come in a handheld format with five buttons with different functions making up the shape of a paw. Since it is an electronic pet, there is no need to clean up after your mutt or apologize to visitors for chewed up shoes and slippers.

These Password Puppies thrive on soothing words, which are in a way similar to that of real life dogs. You new electronic companion can be raised, trained, and loved by simply speaking to it. Needless to say, you must first adopt it and give it a name which it can recognize, and will subsequently only obey your voice just like any other good puppy would. The only way to make your puppy appear is to call its name, and not punching in some random buttons. As with all dogs, you can use your voice and train your puppy to perform various tricks such as roll over, sit, and even dance! There are also maze games included to help challenge and train your puppy. As it matures into an adult dog, you can enter it into various dog shows where you then stand a chance to win ribbons depending on how well it is trained.

At least you are free of worry as to whether your puppy has left the compound, and the Password Puppy also does not need to visit the vet and suffer from painful jabs when sick. I’m not too sure what would happen when you remove the battery though – are there any Password Puppy owners who have tried that and would like to share the experience with us?

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Fred Says: December 11, 2006 at 12:00 pm

Ugh, I should’ve told you, this was a company I used to design for, these came out in 2001. (it’s not exactly super fun) But the design of the case was pretty cool (way to go Karl!)

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