Warm your tush with the Club Seat


club-seat.jpgYou know how it is during winter, the weather is extremely cold, and when you head out to a stadium or park and plant your bottom onto a bench, you just get that tingling sensation right down from your spine up to your head, and we’re not talking about being electrified by crossing eyes with the lady of your dreams. It is actually the sheer cold that makes you uncomfortable, and ironically you would have to use your body warmth to heat up that particular spot for some time before it actually becomes seatable, for the lack of a word. Since most public open air places do not come with a power outlet, there is no way you can plug in a USB-powered seat warmer, which is why there is a heated stadium seat that comes in the form of the Club Seat.

The Club Seat is pretty self-explanatory – it offers not only warmth but support as well. You can now enjoy your soccer games during the cold, frigid days by remaining warm and toasty, thanks to the integrated heating elements that are strategically located throughout the back and seat cushions. These heating elements are powered by a unique rechargeable battery system, so make sure you have fully juiced it up before you leave your home for the big game. The temperature is controlled by a thermostat, ensuring you do not burn your derriere in the process. The Club Seat also comes with an aluminum frame back rest that offers great support when you’re seated.

One thing of concern though – in most soccer games, you don’t really sit down as your view would be crowded out by the sea of people in front of you. Besides, it’s not much fun cheering on your favorite team sitting down. I suppose the Club Seat is more suitable for those who are sitting down quietly in the VIP box, as those folks never seem to get up until the end of the game. Each Club Seat retails for $99.99 and has a maximum weight limit of 250 lbs, so if you are one who can’t watch your weight, perhaps the Talking Plate is another gadget you should look at.

Source: Ubergizmo

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